Why buy, when you can rent LEGO®?

It all started with a small boy and his burning desire to build, build, build LEGO®

For Charlie, nothing is ever as exciting as opening a new set of LEGO® and experiencing “the thrill of the build”.

Twice a year, on his birthday and at Christmas, he is lucky enough to be given new LEGO® sets, but in between those 2 big days are 363 little days and a lot of pleading, waiting and saving his pennies.  That’s a lot of days when you’re only 6 years old!

Inspired by his passion for LEGO® and worn down by his begging, Charlie’s mother set out to find a way of giving him the thrill of the build without having to buy new sets constantly.  Wouldn’t it be great to be able to rent it, build it, play with it, then get your next set and start building it straight away?   And at the same time encourage children to embrace the concept of sharing?  Just imagine how much money could be saved each year and how much more fun the children could have – it’s like Christmas every month!  And so WeLoveBricks, the LEGO® Rental Club was born.

WeLoveBricks is a family-run business, launched in 2014.  As far as we know, this is an entirely new service in the UK.  While there are millions of LEGO® fans, WeLoveBricks is the only way to rent what has now become the most popular toy in the world.  We are a new business and have tons of ideas about how we’d like to grow, but we’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas too, so let us know what you think.