Success Story: Alfreton Park Community Special School

Alfreton Park Community Special School has been renting LEGO sets from WeLoveBricks since December 2016.  Here Katie Turner explains how they use the LEGO and how their pupils have benefitted from their LEGO therapy sessions. 

We currently use the Lego during Lego therapy sessions which are held twice a week, once during lesson time in which we focus on PSHE skills, e.g. turn taking, communicating with others, developing descriptive language and much more!   The other is during a playtime which the pupils chose to attend, this appears to be a very poplar club.

The Lego is used during Lego therapy sessions which includes 3 pupils with 1 adult to help facilitate the session. All our pupils in school are SEN and we have seen huge benefits within just a school year. These include, development of language skills, tolerance of others, improved patience which has transferred into other areas of learning along with development of fine motor skills.

The current age of our users of the Lego is 7 – 15 years old, however our school age is 2 – 19 years so we are looking at expanding the opportunities for more pupils. Pupils currently accessing the Lego have autism, severe learning difficulties, cerebral palsy, downs syndrome therefore all have differing capabilities and have learned to work together securing a positive environment.

There have been many benefits of using the Lego including, development of fine motor skills, development of colour knowledge and ability to count and describe the bricks, development of team building skills through turn taking and working together as well as developing problem-solving skills and creativity.

WeLoveBricks is great value for money, fabulous friendly service (nothing ever seems too much trouble), large range of Lego sets available to suit all our pupils’ interests, we love that we get different sets each half term so the pupils have something new and exciting to work on.

I’d recommend to anyone who’s thinking of renting LEGO – just do it! Don’t think twice, WeLoveBricks saves space on saving all of the Lego sets, saves a huge amount of money, they continuously get new sets which you can choose from and most important our pupils have fun whilst exploring and building the sets!

A HUGE thank you from Alfreton Park Community Special School!

May 2018