How do you sort your LEGO bricks?

When you see a child’s bedroom floor covered with LEGO bricks which need to be tidied away, are you tempted to tidy the bricks away yourself, rather than encourage him to put away his toys himself? I’m often guilty of this – it just seems quicker and easier. But that’s not always helpful.

Surely it would be better for me to leave my son to work through the task himself and let him have the pleasing sense of satisfaction at the end. I was reminded of this fact when I read an article online today by Christoph Nieman, entitled “What organising LEGO can teach us about life”. It prompted the question, “How do you sort your LEGO bricks?” To which my instinctive response was “by colour, naturally!”

The article went on to say that there are of course many different ways of sorting and organising those LEGO pieces, not just by colour. What about by shape or size, or by brick type, or how about sticking them together to make new shapes? And what about using a different method every time? The possibilities go on and on. But the point the blogger was making was that the child will learn more by deciding for himself and that as adults we shouldn’t be imposing our own ideas of how LEGO (and life?) should be organised. Allow the child to choose the Brick jumblesystem of organisation, let it be different every time, and let them enjoy the act of tidying rather than it being a chore.

With all this in mind, tonight’s subject for debate at supper will be “how do you sort your LEGO bricks?” At least then we’ll have discussed the possibilities, even if we haven’t done the clean-up!